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The JYP Tour Auditions 2008 NY & LA

The JYP Tour Auditions are just around the corner!

I am working with JYPE's Artist Training Division in publicizing this audition event.
If you have any questions, I'll try my best to get you answers directly from the ATD.

Go to with Internet Explorer!
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Just wondering if thats the only places they're planning to do auditions. In particular, I was wondering if they were going to come to Annandale (Northern Virginia) or the Washington DC area? Only doing auditions in two places seems silly :[
Currently The JYP Tour Auditions will only be held in Los Angeles and New York. We are in the process of planning future JYP Tour concerts which will be followed by JYP Tour Auditions.
I have tried emailing JYP staffs..but they replied once but I had another question and they did not reply..I am not sure if they ever recieved my email! What should I do..who should I contact?

I sent my application via email already..
Well the JYP Tour Auditions are over now so if you are going to do an email application you will have to do a regular email application.
More information regarding that is on their official website and on soompi.
well..i sent them an email before march 15..i sent them my application on march 14!! but i sent them a few emails before march 14 and after march 14..but no one there anyway you can check to see if JYP staffs recieved my application? please..


i check my email see if they reply..
this is me again...

so is it possible to see if you can check it out...for you want my name or something?

or do you want me to fill out a regular application..on their website?!
I'm sorry but I can't check that for you because I was simply a volunteer/temporary staff for the JYP Tour Auditions in Los Angeles.

Sorry, but good luck with everything!
Thank you...

So do you have any suggestions to what I should do next?
Should I send them a regular application?
IF you did not attend the JYP Tour auditions, then, yes, you should send them a regular application. The applications that were available on the JYP Tour Audition website was only for those who came to the JYP Tour Auditions.

If they don't reply, it doesn't mean that they didn't receive it.
They receive multiple applications daily so they might not be able to individually confirm applications with each applicant.
No..they said that since I missed the NY audition that I can email my application in..

I emailed them and asked a few questions about the audition and noone replied! ...
Kristy Mar 5, at pm kelly, yes i did go to an audition in norfolk va and they said they said we could just go also, but i have absolutly no clue on how long we have to wait to find out.
No..they said that since I missed the NY audition that I can email my application in..
I emailed them and asked a few questions about the audition and noone replied! ... is JYP is in LA?
If you missed the audition, then send them a regular online application.
Not the JYP Tour one.

And I don't know if JYP is LA but I'm pretty sure he's back in NY now.

I'm sorry that I can't really help you,
I'm not working for them anymore so I can't answer your questions.

Deleted comment

I was only working temporarily for the auditions in LA
However I do know that JYP doesn't hold the auditions himself.
His staff just record the auditioners and then the footage is all gathered together
evaluated by the artist casting/training staff and then after it sent to JYP
BUT if you want to ask JYP staff to go to Australia to hold auditions
you would have to put in a request on their daum cafe @
You might need to find someone to guide you through the websit though becaus it's all in Korean...
Anyways, GOOD LUCK!

PS. I think the most assuring way for you to audition is to mail in footage to the JYP Headquarters

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I'm sure you could find people at the soompi forums for help you...
As for mailing in the footage you can find all the info on Soompi as well... It's under the thread called Auditioning in General.
so yea...
and the request thread on the daum cafe is titled "해외 캐스팅 신청" on the navigator thingy on the left..
hopefully that helps!
I 've found most of that...i want to ask do you need to make a daum account to post a request?
if so... how?
I see that you're one of JYP's assistants ?
I think you SHOULD tell JYP to , hold auditions in Melbourne , Australia !
There would be many people interested to audition,
but struggle because they don't live in Korea / US .
Reply soon , eh ?

Deleted comment

the auditioning event on cyworld is only for Korean Residents.
Also, like I said before... The auditions go through MANY eliminations before JYP sees them himself.
hi. may i know that is it true that there is audition every first and third sunday of the month? cause i would like to go korea to audition.
what must i bring along?
i also cant seem to download the application form. can i go to jyp building to download instead?
You can go to the auditions thread in the Soompi Forum and look for the Auditioning in General post and you can find info on the weekly auditions there :)
Hi I sent my video with me singing as you know JYP email audition,and my profile and photos simply everything :D but will they reply me even if i dont get chosen ,,, ?? or when will they reply me ?? i sent it yesterday..
hi, I want to ask when is the due for the current online audition?
And what all the requirement??
Is there any application form that I have to download?
I'm very confuse..