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Hey I'm new here.

Hi, I'm Steve and I was just browsing and ended up here somehow. IT seemed like a cool place to put your music out and get people's opinions. Anyways heres a song I recorded. Its called Insa by Jae Joong from DBSK but I played the piano part myself and also the singing. Hope you guys leave helpful comments =)

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Hello there, Steve. My name's Kai :)

I'm not supposed to be online right now or whatever but yeah... Anyway, I just HAD to leave a comment. The first few notes of the clip was enough to send give me goosebumps. I thought it was really lovely. It was pretty cool how you used the DBSK version as the intro but you were singing Jaejoong's version. You were singing right on track and I don't think you went off in any of the parts. Ha, I really enjoyed this one. The piano-playing was awesome, really.

I think rambling now, mianhae.
THanks. I didn't think it would get a comment this nice cause i've listened to some songs from other members and they're really good..Anyways thank you so much for the comment =)


August 20 2007, 20:40:37 UTC 10 years ago

Wow, this comment is coming so late... Probably you'll never see it, but I just want to post up my opinion. Your singing and piano is really wonderful! Your voice is a little weak however, to be a professional singer, you need to have a very loud and strong voice. I could hear it on some of the parts, especially when you were hitting the high notes, your voice started coming out of your chest and it sounded much stronger.

My advice is good luck! I hope you've been practicing and try to sing from your chest. Like, make your voice vibrate in your chest, because it will sound really different and much better.