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Hey guys!

As many of you may know, JYP is having their USA Tour in NY & LA with the Wondergirls.

Along with the 2009 USA Tour Concert, JYP entertainment is also sponsoring

the 2009 JYP USA Tour Audition in LA & NY!

I hope to see many of you there!

JYP USA Tour Audition
1. Categories
Singer (Vocal, Dance), Acting, Model, VJ, MC
2. Qualification for Audition
Any Asian (Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.) residing in US and Canada may participate regardless of nationality, age or gender.
3. Audition Date, Time, and Location
3/7 Los Angeles AM 9 ~ PM 3
Withus / 2975 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90010
3/14 New York AM 10 ~ PM 6
JYP USA Center/ 110 East 31st Street. New York. NY 10016
4. Period for registration
Los Angeles 2/9 ~ 3/6
New York 2/9 ~ 3/14
5. How to Apply
After Filling out the Application form, send the application to
(Applicants can download application form at
Registration is also allowed on the day at the very spot.
6. Things to prepare for Audition
Singer Part
* Vocal Part: Singing without MR. Prepare a song about a minute.
* Dance Part: Freestyle dancing. Prepare AR CD individually.
Acting and MC/VJ
Acting - Impromptu or memorized acting to be prepared by applicants individually
MC/VJ – Prepare any kind of performance (mime, comedy, announcing etc.)
Model Part: Walking and free posing
7. Inquiry contact for Audition
If you have any questions about JYP audition, feel free to send an email to
8. Privilege for Winner
Final winner will have a chance to participate in specialized training system of JYP Entertainment as Trainee.

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